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Guru Tegh Bhadur Gurdwara

tem Cell Donor Registration Event

GTB-Gurdwara LeicesterThe Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (GTB), East Park Road, Leicester was the venue for another major stem cell donation event in Leicester. More precisely the event took place between 11-5pm Sunday 11th December in the large GTB Gurdwara Community Centre Annex which afforded excellent facilities in the heart of the community.

The event was supported by friends, family, colleagues from Leicestershire Police, medical professionals with hospital doctors and nurses from the Leicester Royal Infirmary and last but not least Anthony Nolan.

Raising Awareness within the Community!

The GTB event hoped to build on the awareness campaign put into action two weeks earlier at the Nagar Kirtan Procession; posters were distributed during the sacred march by hard working volunteers in an effort to increase understanding of blood cancers as an issue within the community and of course to raise the profile of the campaign…

A copy of the awareness poster can be viewed here…

In addition larger static posters and canvas banners were placed in prominent places around the city as well as outside the venue.

Publicising the Event

Raising awareness was only the first step, more specific literature advertising the event was produced and distributed widely…

A copy of the GTB event flyer can be viewed here…

In addition to hard copy literature distribution promoting the event incorporated a media strategy. We are extremely grateful for the vital support received from television and radio both specialist and mainstream who supported the campaign and more specifically the donor registration event at the Gurdwara.

Links to sample media material can be viewed here…to be attached.

How did the Day Go?

The donor event was extremely successful we managed a steady flow of donors throughout the day reaching a total of 613 donors. We were also subsequently advised by Anthony Nolan that there had been a significant increase in online activity at the relevant time.

You can view some pictures of the event below…

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Nagar Kirtan Leicester

Getting the Message Out There!  

Nagar Kirtan Leicester Nov 2011

A Nagar Kirtan (a Sikh sacred procession) was held in Leicester on the 20th November 2011, the event is extremely well attended. In Leicester the procession started at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (A Gurdwara is a Sikh place of worship and community focal point) on East Park Road Leicester.

The Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara was to be the venue for our next donor registration event and volunteers from the campaign came out in force to publicise the registration event during the procession.

Volunteers mingled and distributed event flyers to members of the following congregation, taking the opportunity to answer any questions and queries regarding the donation process.

To see a copy of the flyer go here…

Nagar Kirtan Stand


A static information stand was also set-up approximately midpoint at Victoria Park.


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Diwali Day

Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre during DiwaliAction Stations!

Diwali Day (Wednesday 26th October 2011) was the first event for the Rik Basra Campaign and was organised at very short notice. The centrepiece for Diwali celebrations in Leicester takes place on Belgrave Road along the famous “Golden Mile”. The event attracts upwards of 30,000 attendees, despite the short notice the opportunity was too good to miss. A dedicated team of friends, family and police colleagues with support from Anthony Nolan enthusiastically set the wheels in motion.

The Publicity Machine Started Rolling!

Publicising the event was always going to be challenging and a number of approaches were taken...

  • The RB Campaign received fantastic support from Leicestershire Police’s Media Department.... 
  • The local media, television, radio and written publications both “mainstream” and those catering for minority sections of the community raised the profile of the campaign immensely.
  • The Leicester Gurdwara's rallied to publicise the issues not just to the to the Sikh community but also wider through their extensive interfaith links.
  • Not to be forgotten is the hard work by volunteers who trudged through the streets for many an hour handing out leaflets and posters.

The campaign also started to utilise social media, it was a steep learning curve which it would be fair to say we are still climbing, fortunately we have had some excellent support and guidance from more enlightened campaign volunteers.

Publicity posters and flyers were designed and produced outlining the urgent need for stem cell donors. The literature also outlined “Rik’s Story” and importantly a FAQ’s section not just to answer obvious questions but also to dispel myth and misinformation and in so doing allay fears regarding the registration and subsequent donation process.

To view the event leaflet/flyer go here...

To view the event post go here...

Additional support…

The campaign received the kind endorsement from Gary Lineker, Gary’s son was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia as a baby… (see media article1... article2).

“This campaign is very close to my heart as my own son, George, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia when he was only weeks old. “Thankfully, George’s life was saved by the treatment he received at Great Ormond Street hospital, and he is now a very healthy 19-year-old. However, through my own experience, I can sympathise with and understand the anguish Rik’s family are going through at this time, in trying to find a suitable blood stem cell donor.

“I would personally urge everyone to think about registering to become blood stem cell donor.

“Please take that positive step – it is your chance to give a leukaemia victim the gift of life.”

To see examples of the pre event publicity click below…

BBC article sample here...

We arranged two venues the first was the primary site for stem cell donor registration situated right in the heart of the Diwali celebrations at the Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre. Many thanks to Leicester City Council who very kindly allowed us to make use of a room at the venue on what was obviously one of the busiest days of the year in the site calendar. The second venue was situated at disused school buildings situated on Abbey Park Street, this was more a logistical centre with parking and welfare amenities for volunteers as well as a contingency for any overflow from the Neighbourhood Centre if required.

Stem cell donor registration took place over a three hour period between 6-9pm, with pre publicity limited we were forced to adopt a strategy of dedicated volunteers canvassing potential donors.

How Did We Do?…

140 Stem Cell Donors Registered on the night with additional attendees who had fallen foul of the food/drink limitations undertaking to do so online.

Importantly we had raised the profile of the campaign and the issues involved creating a solid foundation for further work…

Example of Post Event publicity…here

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