2019 Events

We’ve held events already this year… details of our 2019 events will be posted soon

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Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College (WQE) Leicester.

We're in the process of planning a registration drive at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College in Leicester. We've held many very successful events there in the past and we're really looking forward to holding events at both campuses, the Regent Road Campus and the 'QE' campus. We'll post more information soon.

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Robert Smyth Academy Market Harborough

We will once again be at Robert Smyth Academy to recruit students to the stem cell register on the 7th November, the programme starts with a talk to all the eligible students during assembly, followed by a recruitment drive. Prior to that we also hope to recruit some student volunteers to help too... we'll post more information soon. Here's some pictures from a previous event although we now utilise swab kits rather than taking saliva samples to simplify the registration process even further...


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Beauchamp College, Oadby, Leicester.

We will once again be at Beauchamp College to recruit potential lifesavers, the programme starts with a talk to all the eligible students, recruitment of interested students who want to volunteer and help and of course event day on the 30th October... we'll post more information soon.

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Rotary Club of Leicester

We received an award from the Rotary Club of Leicester, President Chris Saul, presented the award to Rik for and we quote "his dedication and campaigning work to increase the understanding of blood cell cancers and the development of a stem cell register of potential donors". A very big thanks to the Rotary Club of Leicester for their support and very kind words, Rik went along a few weeks back to give a talk to the club and was made very welcome. The award is very much an acknowledgment of the hard work undertaken by our many volunteers and supporters and of course to all those many who have signed up and made such a difference to so many.


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Houses of Parliament Event

We were absolutely delighted to be working with Meena Kumari-Sharma (Match for Meena) and Anthony Nolan to host a cross-party Parliamentary event on Wednesday 17th July at the Houses OF Parliament. Our aim was to educate MPs about the importance of the Anthony Nolan's stem cell donor register and of course to sign-up the many staff members working there. A big thanks to our local MP Neil O'Brien who hosted us on the day.

We had an absolutely amazing day, many MP's came along to speak with us... many were going to go back to their own constituencies to support Anthony Nolan locally, take a look at some of the pictures from the day...

But thats not all we also signed-up some lifesavers! ...Oh and as you can see at the bottom of the page we got on Central News too, a big thanks to them for spreading the word!

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University of Leicester

We were once again at the University of Leicester, we had four different stations set up around the campus, a big thanks to our volunteers for making it such a great day... the pictures below are from the station set up in the medical centre.

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DeMontfort University

We registered an amazing 225 Students to the Anthony Nolan register today at Demontfort University. Great fun huge thank you to our fabulous volunteers. 

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