George of ASDA


 George Asda Flag photo-1George of ASDA have designed the Pass It On flag... I'm sure you will agree they have done an amazing job...

In the lecture theatre19

They have gone on to take part in the Pass It On games laid on by Leicestershire Police...


And then gone on to lay on on an amazing registration event as a Pass It On host in their own right... A big thanks to Fiona Lambert and her fantastic team, they invited young budding designers to a careers development afternoon and laid on a fashion show too.

Rik got to dress up in a 'tux' and strutted the catwalk too, Fiona made sure he didn't trip. Following the show Rik spoke to the young audience and the team of volunteers signed-up anyone wishing to become a lifesaver...we had a fantastic response. Take a look at the photo's below...


At the end of the afternoon a delegation from Leicester Hockey arrived to collect the flag and George passed it to them in style! The main reception was full of staff and with two story galleries also packed with staff the flag was passed in a wave along the entire length of the large reception to cheers and applause... it looked absolutely spectacular.