Highcross Shopping Centre Leicester… Student Takeover!


The Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign are proud to announce that we once again teamed up with De Montfort University's Square Mile (Mile2) Project to recruit more stem cell donors. We held a  donor drive at the Highcross Shopping Centre on Tuesday 15th October and recruited 709 onto the stem cell register. 

We also on this occasion partnered with the stem cell registry Delete Blood Cancer UK (DKMS), as a result we were able to recruit a wider age range, between 17 years and a staggering 55 upper age limit. We recruited shoppers in the day and students in the evening. Those registering were able do so by filling in a simple form and using a couple of cotton buds to gently rub the inside of their mouth cheeks to gather a few cells for tissue typing... it was as simple as that.

We would also like to extend a very big thank-you to the Highcross Leicester (Hammerson) who have extended such a very warm welcome to the campaign.

Tuesday 15th October was student night! ...

Our dedicated volunteers were at the centre from 1pm to help people register, however from 8.30pm the shopping centre effectively became a "student only zone". Highcross Leicester held another "Student Takeover" ...students were able to take advantage of huge discounts in the shops. Past events have typically attracted in the region of 14 thousand students ...a staggering 709 students took time out from their shopping and spent just a few minutes to register. You can see pictures from past events below... a slideshow from the event are at the top of the page.