New Drive to Recruit 3,000 Indian Donors!


We need 3,000 Indian donors!Anthony Nolan recently announced a fresh drive to recruit an additional 3,000 Indian donors onto their register, something they wish to achieve before March 2013!

Indian donors are particularly under represented on the register and the additional numbers if achieved will enable better tissue type matching between donor and recipient.

Below is a communication from Anthony Nolan outlining the drive...

"Blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan is aiming to recruit 3,000 Indian donors by the end of March 2013. The campaign has two aims. Firstly, to rapidly increase the number of Indian donors on the register, as an under-represented group it is much harder to find matches for Indian patients. It will also help our research team form a GPA (Genotype Prediction Algorithm) for Indian donors, which will help us to identify potential matches more quickly. This will help us to reduce patient waiting times and help us to save more lives. As part of the campaign we'll be focusing our recruitment on areas with a high Indian population, engaging the local communities to educate them about our work and encourage them to sign up as bone marrow donors."

Anthony Nolan have advised that they intend to focus much of their activity in Leicester and we will of course support them in their efforts.