Parliamentary Reception… & Surprise Award!


The houses of ParliamentAnthony Nolan organised a reception in the House of Commons (12th Sept). The event was intended as an opportunity to promote Anthony Nolan's donor recruitment work amongst MPs and Peers. The theme of the reception focused on a celebration of the many donor recruitment partnerships Anthony Nolan have forged with the uniformed services, as well as to thank the key contacts who have helped them to foster those associations.

Anthony Nolan kindly invited the RBL Campaign to go along ...the campaign is not only an example of one of those partnerships but Rik Basra is also a police inspector with Leicestershire Police who have provided immense support for donor recruitment and we are delighted that they were also be represented at the event by Chief Superintendent Chris Howard.

Update! ...We got an award

The RBL Campaign was represented at the event by Kas and Jessie Basra, we were pleasantly surprised when Anthony Nolan presented Kas with an award for outstanding partnership contribution. It was totally unexpected and totally "out of the blue" but very much appreciated. It is important to acknowledge that the award simply would not have been won if not for the fantastic support and contribution from our many hard working volunteers and all those dedicated members of the community that have supported our work in whatever way they can... even if that is simply spreading the word...thank-you.

Here are some pictures from the event...