Race To A Thousand


This was an unprecedented registration drive!

On October 1st we were at eight different locations all on the same day. Our aim was to sign-up more donors to the Anthony Nolan register... we were in seven Leicester city centre locations and also at Loughborough students union ...and yes you guessed it we aimed to recruit a thousand! and...

WE did it we recruited an amazing 1020 ! WOW .... big big thanks to all our volunteers, partners, supporters and of course all those that spent a few minutes to sign up.

We were in gazebo 'spit stations around the city centre The more eagle eyed amongst you will spot Emile Heskey in the pictures, a very big thanks to him for coming along to support us, Emile travelled a considerable distance to be with us.

In Leicester we were at the De Montfort University Campus Centre and in Gazebo Spit Stations at another six city centre locations...we had entertainers and smoothy bikes at selected stations ... fun was had by everyone! check out the photos from the different locations at the bottom of the page... 


Take a look at a small sample of the media coverage...                                                                                                         

Desi ExpressAsian Today

Mercury Race2a1000

AN Race2a1000

ITV Race2a1000



Click on the map to enlarge & see where we were...

Event Location Map copy



City CentreColour Loughborough RAG Colour Race2a1000 DMU Campus CentreColour