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Guru Tegh Bhadur Gurdwara, Leicester

GTB Registration

We were at the GTB Gurdwara Leicester for a small event to sign up some more donors.

A big thanks to Narinder Pooni from the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance for asking us along and of course to Surinderpal Singh Rai, the secretary at the Gurdwara for making us feel so welcome.

...Oh & of course the biggest thanks goes to all those that signed-up!

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Beauchamp College Oadby

We had a fantastic team of student volunteers who helped us sign up 243 fellow students... it was a great fun day.

Take a look at the poster one of the students have designed... it's fantastic



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Asian Wedding Show, Ulverscroft Road Leicester

We were back at the wedding show on Sunday... it was so busy we didn't manage to grab as many photographs as we would have liked... oh well at least we signed up a few more instead, great. a very big thanks to the organiser Sukh and the Kikli Roadshow team for their very kind hospitality...



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Asian Wedding Show Ulvercroft Road Leicester

We were at the Asian Wedding Directory 'Asian Wedding Show' for two days...
Raising awareness and signing some people up too...
We were there between 10.30am-6pm on each day... these are the pictures from Saturday



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GNG Gurdwara Leicester

We were at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) 9 Holy Bones Leicester between 10am-5pm... It was Nagar Kirtan a holy procession from Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara to Gur Nanak Gurdwara in Leicester...

We were at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara with a registration stand. A big thanks to the committee at the Gurdwara for their great support and hospitality.



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George at ASDA Headquarters, Magna Park Lutterworth

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We were at the headquarters of the top clothing retailer 'George' at their Lutterworth headquarters...                      
We had a great time and helped raise awareness amongst staff and signed up 57 new lifesavers too! 
Hope to be back again soon... a big thanks to George for their fantastic hospitality and support.


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GTB Gurdwara East Park Road Leicester

We were at the Guru Tegh Bhabhur (GTB) Gurdwara on Sunday 16th Nov between 10am and 3pm signing people up to the register...







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Asian Celebrations Wedding Fair Leicester

We were at the 'Asian Celebrations' wedding fair held at Leicester City football Club...



A big thanks to the organiser Pravin for his generous support and hospitality.




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GTB Gurdwara Leicester Children In Need

We were at the GTB Gurdwara Leicester to help with the charity clothes drive and children in need fundraiser...



We did some awareness raising and signed up some lifesavers too...



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Gateway College Leicester

We were back at Gateway College again... A big thanks to the Gateway Staff and students for their support for the drive...


We signed up 63 students, fantastic! 



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MALA- Midland Asian Lawyers Association

[metaslider id=3414]

We were very kindly invited to the prestigious Midland Asian Lawyers Association (MALA) Ball, not only that but we were absolutely delighted to be nominated as their lead charity for the night. It was an absolutely brilliant night of great music and dancing, fantastic food and brilliant company. the 550+ guests were so generous in their support as were MALA. I was also asked to do a short speech to the tremendously kind and generous attendees.

A very big thank-you to everyone but in particular to each and every member of the MALA Committee who have given us such tremendous support. 


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Highcross Shopping Centre Student Lock-in

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We were at the Highcross Shopping Centre Leicester for the student Lock-in...

We had a very busy night of recruiting, a very big thank-you to all our many dedicated volunteers. These included many of our regular supporters... students from our many college drives, and from both city universities Leicester University's Marrow Society and De Montfort University's  Square Mile Project...we even had some fellow patients who had received treatment at the local hospital who came to lend a hand... a very big thanks to everyone.

Not to be forgotten is the tremendous support of the Highcross Shopping Centre, the management and staff were brilliant and really looked after us... thanks.

Biggest thanks of course goes to all those that signed up on the night

[Mikado id='4']

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Leicester College

We were at Leicester College, Abbey Park Campus, as they celebrated Black History Month, we held a registration drive between 10am-2pm and recruited an amazing 64 donors to the register.


A big thanks to the college for their great support


 Collage 1


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Race To A Thousand

This was an unprecedented registration drive!

On October 1st we were at eight different locations all on the same day. Our aim was to sign-up more donors to the Anthony Nolan register... we were in seven Leicester city centre locations and also at Loughborough students union ...and yes you guessed it we aimed to recruit a thousand! and...

WE did it we recruited an amazing 1020 ! WOW .... big big thanks to all our volunteers, partners, supporters and of course all those that spent a few minutes to sign up.

We were in gazebo 'spit stations around the city centre The more eagle eyed amongst you will spot Emile Heskey in the pictures, a very big thanks to him for coming along to support us, Emile travelled a considerable distance to be with us.

In Leicester we were at the De Montfort University Campus Centre and in Gazebo Spit Stations at another six city centre locations...we had entertainers and smoothy bikes at selected stations ... fun was had by everyone! check out the photos from the different locations at the bottom of the page... 

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Take a look at a small sample of the media coverage...                                                                                                         

Desi ExpressAsian Today

Mercury Race2a1000

AN Race2a1000

ITV Race2a1000



Click on the map to enlarge & see where we were...

Event Location Map copy



City CentreColour Loughborough RAG Colour Race2a1000 DMU Campus CentreColour

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Ashford Road Gurdwara Leicester

We were at the Guru Panth Parkash Gurdwara on Ashford Road Leicester...


We handed out leaflets and raised awareness amongst the congregation, a big thanks to the committee for their warm welcome...


 Ashford Road GurdwaraCompilation





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Oadby Gurdwara

We were at the Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Sahib Ji, locally known as Oadby Gurdwara where we signed up some more young donors to the Anthony Nolan register. Big thanks to the Gurdwara for making us feel so welcome... the local police even popped in to lend their support...

Oadby gurdwara

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Shri Guru Ravi Das Gurdwara, Harrison Road, Leicester.

We were at the Gurdwara and signed up some more lifesavers big thanks to the committee for their very kind support and for allowing us to make a speech to the congregation...

Harrison Road



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Leicester Mela 2014

We were at Leicester Mela, bank holiday Monday 25th August... had a fabulous time and signed up many lifesavers as well, food and music was great as well !

leicester Mela copy

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Cosmopolitan Carnival Leicester

LeicesterThis amazing event celebrates Leicester's culturally diverse communities and we are going to be there raising awareness of stem cell donation and signing people up whilst they have a great time...I'm sure we will as well.

We'll post more information with regards to the registration drive soon so please make sure you watch this space! 



You can find out more about the event here...


Cosmopolitan Carnival 2014

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Guru Amar Das Gurdwara Leicester

We were at the Gurdwara on Clarendon Park Road, Leicester where we signed up some more lifesavers!. Rik gave a talk to the congregation... it was particularly poignant given the Gurdwara was holding a special reading in honour of Mohinder Kaur Atkar... Mohinder was actually in hospital at the same time as Rik but sadly did not find a life saving match, her untimely passing is a constant reminder of the importance of our work. The series of Gurdwara events we are engaged in are dedicated to Mohinders memory. Our thoughts are with her lovely family who made us feel so welcome.

A big thanks also to the Gurdwara committee for their fantastic support. 

Guru Amar Das Gurdwara

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Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara

Leamington-Warwick-Gurdwara-Sahib-We were at the magnificent Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara on Sunday 29th June...


Click on the event poster below to get details...



Collage 1

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Leicestershire V India Cricket Match

LCCC Flyer0001

We were at all three days of the Leicestershire V India cricket match (26-28 June), we have a recruitment stand to sign people up...the weather was a little problematic but we didn't let that dampen our spirits, we had a fantastic time. 

A big thanks to Leicestershire County Cricket Club for their fantastic support and for making us feel so welcome...their hospitality knocked us for six!

We hope to be back there soon...


Leics CCC

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Ramgarhia Gurdwara, Meynell Street, Leicester.

We were at the Gurdwara between 10am-4pm signing people up!

A very big thanks to the Gurdwara committee for making us feel so welcome, Rik even got to address the congregation...


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Khalsa Football Tournament Leicester

Khalsa Football Federation Emblem


We were at the Khalsa Football tournament being held at Judgemeadow Community College Marydene Drive Evington Leicester.

We were recruiting the footballers and supporters on the day! a big thanks to Khalsa Football Federation for their fantastic support... Rik even presented trophies to some of the winners!



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Sri Guru Dashmesh Sahib Gurdwara, 49 Gypsy Lane, Leicester

The first event in our series of Leicester Gurdwara events starts here... 

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Leicester Gurdwara's 2014

8gurdwarasWe are so proud to announce that we will be holding a series of registration drives across all eight Leicester Gurdwaras... we would like to dedicate the drive to Mrs Mohinder Kaur Atkar.

Mohinder was in hospital at the same time as Rik, tragically she did not get a life saving match and sadly is no longer with us... she is without doubt a constant reminder as to why our work to boost numbers and dispel fear, myth and misinformation about the registration process is so important... our thoughts are with her and her lovely family.

Below is the poster for the events... I hope you can come along and support us.


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Paragon Law, Nottingham.

ParagonThe Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign were invited by Thalej Vasishta, Group CEO of Paragon Law to go along and talk to his team in Nottingham. The presentation and subsequent meeting went very well and I was “blown" away by the fantastic welcome and support Thalej and his team gave us. We are absolutely honoured that Paragon Law have chosen us as their charity of the year, some of the staff have already volunteered to help us...I know we will do fantastic things together... oh and we signed some of the staff as well ! thanks Thalej.

You can find out more about Paragon Law here.

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Lux Charity Night

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1392085_10154197740815525_1460759693936039629_nA very big thanks to Darminder and Suprina Rainu who dedicated their fashion show and dinner dance to the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign, the event took place in the luxurious Allesley Hotel near Coventry...

It was an absolutely fabulous night, Rik did a talk to a full house and this was followed by some great entertainment, fabulous food and fantastic clothing designs too... oh and we had a stand and managed to sign some people up as well!


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Kohinoor Radio Dinner Dance

[metaslider id=2815]

We were very kindly invited along to the annual Kohinoor Radio Dinner Party, it was an absolutely brilliant night with great food, drink and many fabulous music stars to entertain us... we had an awareness and recruitment stand... a big thanks to Kohinoor Radio for their kind invitation and great ongoing support, they are a real friend to the campaign.

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LSA Food Drive GTB Gurdwara Leicester

GTB Food DriveWe were kindly invited along to GTB Gurdwara East Park road Leicester where our friends at the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance (LSA) were holding their annual food drive in support of Khalsa Aid... we set up a stall and recruited some donors, it was a great atmosphere and literally tons of food was brought in to help the needy, well done LSA ...oh and a big thanks to all our volunteers and of course to all those that registered with us.

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Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara

We held an awareness talk in preparation for a registration drive later in the summer

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Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College Leicester

We ran out of kits during our main event at the college so we were back at the college to register those that missed out... a big thanks to the college for their fantastic support.

QE Mopup

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Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth College Leicester

We ran out of kits during our main event at the college so we were back at the college to register those that missed out... a big thanks to the college for their fantastic support.

QE Mopup

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Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College

QECompilationMore photo's of the event on the way shortly...

Wyggeston And Queen Elizabeth I CollegeWow ! we requited an amazing 576 students to the Anthony Nolan registry... thats a new all time record for highest single day college event. It was a vibrant fun day with staff and students dancing to bangra and jazz music whilst they signed up! We actually ran out of kits...

There are so many people to thank, we were made to feel so welcome by everyone. A big thanks to the college principal, Sandra Hamilton-Fox and our chief college contact Helen Bull who worked so hard to make the day a success. The day would not have been possible of course with out our 150+ student volunteers, well done everyone, you are record breakers! ...the biggest thanks goes to all those who registered, they are all potential lifesavers.

But the day was more than just recruiting donors it was such a fun experience with entertainment provided by students throughout the day, honestly the day was over too soon. A big thanks to Satwinder of Maz Records and the dhol players for their fantastic energy and support they provided the music mix and really got the party going... Last but not least the student Jazz band, they were absolutely brilliant and so talented, we could have listened to them all day.

Kas meets the student event planning teamBut the event didn't just happen... picture right: some of the student planning team starting to plan the event with Kas and Helen...



 Another planning meetingLeft: A week to go... putting in place the final touches (sorry we didn't get everyone in the planning team together at once).


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Shreeji Dham, Haveli Melton Rd Leicester

Shreeji Dham Haveli

We had a great time at the Shreeji Dham Haveli Temple on Melton Road Leicester... we signed up more young donors and had a great time as well, Holi celebrations were going on and we didn't escape being plastered in coloured powder... everyone was so friendly and helpful... a big thanks to the committee for allowing us to go along and to Shonal who organised the day, not to be forgotten are our volunteers who helped us sign people up.

Shreeji Dham Haveli Temple Event 

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Guru Nanak Gurdwara Wednesfield Wolverhapton

 GNG Wednesfield Wolverhampton

We were at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Well Lane, Wednesfield, near Wolverhampton W.Mids WV11 1XT between 1-6pm Sat 1st March.

We had a fantastic time and met up with many famous campaign supporters including music producer and performer PBN, Sangat TV star Inder Singh, Polly tank and Gee Kaur from XL Radio.

A very, very big thanks to our community champion Amy Bhandal (top right in the photo's) and of course all our great volunteers for their great support...without them it just would not have happened.

Guru Nanak Gurdwara Event Poster 


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GNG Gurdwara Sedgley Street Wolverhampton

We were at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Blackenhall, near Wolverhampton W.Mids between 1-4pm Sat 1st March.

We had a great time and recuited new donors to the register at the same time!

 Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sedgley Street Wolverhampton

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Regent College Leicester... Be a one spit wonder campaign

At Regent College for a planning meeting





Above: planning for the event...  We were at the college again this year... we had a record breaking 416 sign-up last year. more details and pictures from the event coming soon, we recruited over 230 again this year which was fantastic...

Photographs from the event will follow soon...

Regent College Leicester

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Aston University... Be a one spit wonder campaign

Aston University

We was at the Martin Luther King (MLK) Multi Faith Centre, Aston University Guild, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ES... a fantastic 111 new donors were added, it could have been more but we ran out of kits!

A very big thanks to one of our community champions Khadijah Gangat at the university for her fantastic support.

We were at No 17 on the attached map just click to find the venue... Aston University Campus Map

One Spit Wonder at Aston University 

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Gateway College Leicester

[metaslider id=2418]

Fantastic day at Gateway 6th form college... we recruited another 120 to the register, many thanks to all the team including our friends at the college who made it possible.


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Shri Guru Dashmesh Sahib Gurdwara Gypsy Lane Leicester

Gypsy Lane Gurudwara LeicesterWe were at the at the Gurdwara to sign more up to the register.we had a great day...

         One Spit Wonder Campaign Logo

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The City of Leicester College

[metaslider id=2432]

We held a registration drive at The City of Leicester College, Downing Drive Evington Leicester on the 15th January between 2pm-7pm...

We managed to recruit a fantastic 106 new donors! a big thanks to Adam Wilby at the college some of his colleagues and of course the many student volunteers who made it such a success and so much fun.

 Preparing for the event...

All 6th form students had an input from Anthony Nolan's Register & Be a Lifesaver programme which is designed to give young people an insight into the issues... we will be following up with a registration drive in early 2014... below is a picture of some of the students during the presentation...


We have had our first student team leaders meeting (left)... You can see pictures from the event above...

Below: Is a promotional film made for the drive at the college.



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